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AeroPanel produces Illuminated Displays for:
bullet NASA Space Shuttle
bullet Military Aircraft
bullet Commercial Aircraft
bullet Shipboard Equipment
bullet Ground Support Equipment
bullet Air Traffic Control Equipment
bullet Custom Applications

AeroPanel Corporation is a manufacturer of display panels and instrument display components used in: aircraft, aircraft ground support equipment, ship equipment and other precision instrumentation.

AeroPanel has the high-tech facilities and the skilled personnel to design and manufacture high quality displays to your specifications. A Quality Management System has been established in compliance with AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000.

AeroPanel combines the necessary technical and manufacturing skills with our modern fabrication, processing and inspection equipment  as required to produce our highly visible panel & display products.


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Our panels can be designed with one or more of the following components included in the assembly:
Function Specific Switches
bullet Alpha/Numeric Keyboard Switches
bullet Info/Data Select Switches
bullet Rotary Control Function Switches
bullet Brightness/Contrast Controls
bullet Fault Indicators & Annunciators
bullet Photo Brightness Sensors