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We serve many industries!

AeroPanel produces Illuminated Displays for:
bullet NASA Space Shuttle
bullet Military Aircraft
bullet Commercial Aircraft
bullet Shipboard Equipment
bullet Ground Support Equipment
bullet Air Traffic Control Equipment
bullet Custom Applications

AeroPanel Corporation is a manufacturer of display panels and instrument display components used in: aircraft, aircraft ground support equipment, ship equipment and other precision instrumentation.

AeroPanel has the high-tech facilities and the skilled personnel to design and manufacture high quality displays to your specifications. A Quality Management System has been established in compliance with AS9100 and ISO 9001

AeroPanel combines the necessary technical and manufacturing skills with our modern fabrication, processing and inspection equipment  as required to produce our highly visible panel & display products.


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Our panels can be designed with one or more of the following components included in the assembly:
Function Specific Switches
bullet Alpha/Numeric Keyboard Switches
bullet Info/Data Select Switches
bullet Rotary Control Function Switches
bullet Brightness/Contrast Controls
bullet Fault Indicators & Annunciators
bullet Photo Brightness Sensors

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