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AeroPanel Integrated Control  Panels
and Avionics Products
We create many types of panels.

Examples of some Integrated Panels and Avionic Products
designed and manufactured by AeroPanel.

AeroPanel Corporation is a manufacturer of display panels and instrument display components used in: aircraft, aircraft ground support equipment, ship equipment and other precision instrumentation. AeroPanel has the facilities and the personnel to design and manufacture high quality displays to your specifications. AeroPanel combines the necessary technical and manufacturing skills with modern fabrication, processing and inspection equipment required for a highly visible product.

Detailed Product information:

bulletIntegrated Control Panels
bullet Edgelighted Products
bulletIlluminated Panels
bulletElectroluminescent Panels
bulletAudio Panels
bulletInsco Controls


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Our panels can be designed with one or more of the following components included in the assembly:
Function Specific Switches
bullet Alpha/Numeric Keyboard Switches
bullet Info/Data Select Switches
bulletRotary Control Function Switches
bullet Brightness/Contrast Controls
bulletFault Indicators & Annunciators
bulletPhoto Brightness Sensors


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AeroPanel products  are available to meet your needs:

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bullet Annunciator and Indicator Displays
bullet Illuminated Dials and Instrument Assemblies
bullet Illuminated Bezels and Wedge Assemblies
bulletPost Light, Strip Lights, Glareshield Lights
bullet Wedge Map Lights
bulletOne Stop Shopping for Cockpit and Crewstation Lighting